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Happy Durga Puja!

[this photograph was taken last year...I'll try my best to capture some photographs this year but not sure about it... :(]

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kolkata Tram:Behala Tram Depot

[An old Tram standing at Behala Tram Depot]

Trams are one of so many old friends of Kolkata. In 1873 (24th Feb 1873)Kolkata got her first horse drown tram.

After lots of modification in 1902, (27th March1902), the first electric tramcar ran from Esplanade to Kidderpore.

[Tram on its way]

Since then Tram has become a part of daily life of kolkata wallas'.
Behala Tram depot is operating since 1986. Tram used to be very popular mode of tranport for commuting to and from several parts of Behala , but recently the trend has seen a reversal. The only tram service in Behala now connects Behala to Thakurpukur and Joka.

[The cabin of the driver]

[Interior of a typical old second class coach]
I took the above photos in an evening july 2009, when I was just passing the depot. The tram shown in picture is the oldest version available in Kolkata.
Recently we have witnessed new sexy version of trams with sate of art design and better availability. Now it has become a MUST RIDE in Kolkata! :)
Some Key Facts!
  1. Kolata Tram is the oldest oprating electric driven tarm in ASIA!
  2. On 22nd December, 1880, The Calcutta Tramway Co. Ltd was formed and registered in London!
  3. In 1908 Behala got connected in Tram network!
  4. In 1951, The Government of West Bengal signed an agreement with the Calcutta Tramways Company and the Calcutta Tramways Act, 1951 was enacted. The Govt. took control over all rights with regard to Tramways and reserved the right to purchase the system on 1st Jan, 1972 or any time thereafter giving two years notice.
  5. In 1986 Behala got her own tram depot!
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