Saturday, October 23, 2010

Suggest a DSLR

Hi Friends,

It is almost one year I am here in photo blog. As of now I am using compact camera, fuji finepix J120, and planning to get a DSLR to have a taste of more serious photography.

there are many brands in the market with many features out of which mostly i dont understand.

Request you all to suggest a camera+lense so that I can capture decent macro subject as well as fast moving object like flying bird.


Amin said...

I have Samsung camera.I do not know which of the brands are very beautiful.
I have heard that the Canon is sharp.

We Cognize said...

HI Sharodindu, I too am only an amateur photographer. So I have no idea what to suggest to you in DSLR category however I am using a point and shoot from GE which works better than my expectations and I also got a new canon power shot 490 for a family member. Just incase you do not know about it, you can use for reviews :) Let us know what you end up with !

rainfield61 said...

Canon or Nikon are good camera.

I am using Canon D1000, an entry level camera to DLSR, you can go for a better one if budget allow.

The camera comes with a standard lens: 18-55mm wide angle lens.

I use Canon 100mm f/2.8 for macro shots.

shooting star said...

nikon and cannon have some grt models, im using a cannon dslr, which is working very well for me, the model is getting phased out from next month so no point in telling u which model this one is!!
but yes, you can check out the newst Cannon 50D dslr model, might interest you

Amin said...

the Canon is very good...

Deepak Acharya said...

It all depends on how much you want to spend. Canon 1000D and Nikon 3100 fall in a single category. They come with 18-55 mm lens. So, you will have to buy some other lenses to fulfill your purpose.