Monday, December 6, 2010

Uneven lights & A Foggy Night@ Dwarika, New Delhi

~:to enlarge please click @ the pic:~

It was a mild foggy night of December when I arrived at Dwarika Sector 21 metro station...the temptation of the lights was knocking...After 10 sec i resume my journey towards Gurgaon


Tarun Mitra said...

:) nice..

Frieda said...

the light in this picture is beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice angle to the picture. Reminds me of Delhi :)

Rachna said...

Ah, great picture!

Bhupesh said...

the shadow
the light
and the mist
aal are contibuting to the pic


Carver said...

I like this shot very much.

Anonymous said...

The lighting against the fog is pretty & really cool - give a really neat effect!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! =)

Amin said...

How are YOU?!
Very interesting photo!

ruma said...

The dazzling night view seems to tempt me somewhere.

Thank you.